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Natural Products & Medicinal Chemistry Research Group



COST action FA0602 Bioactive food components, mitochondrial function and health. “Mitofood” (2007- 2011).

FP7-REGPOT-2007-1 CSA 206570 Reinforcing scientific and technological potential of the Natural Products Laboratory- University of Athens. “Nat Force” (2008-2011) (Coordinator).

COST action FP0901: Analytical techniques for Biorefineries (2009-2013)

“AKMON” projects

AKMON 2006 Expansion of the activities at the department of pharmacognosy & chemistry of natural products, in the field of pharmaceutical and environmental research and analysis. (2006- 2008) (Coordinator)

BILATERAL projects

Greece-USA (USDA) Protection of the environment by the replacement of chemical pesticides by natural biopesticides and transition to sustainable agricultural practices (2005-2007) (Coordinator)


COOPERATION 2010 Development of novel angiogenesis-modulating pharmaceuticals by screening compounds and synthetic analogues (Coordinator)

COOPERATION 2010 PIK3CA Oncogenic mutations in breast and colon cancers: Development of targeted anticancer drugs and diagnostics

COOPERATION 2010 Development and screening of novel beta amyloid peptide for Alzheimer’s diseases

COOPERATION 2010 Development of natural products and derivatives thereof for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis using proteomics and metabonomics approach (Coordinator)

REGIONAL projects

REGION OF IONIAN ISLANDS 2006 Development of an economically viable process for the integrated management via utility of agriculture waste and byproducts of Kefallinia, Ithaki islands: Production of high added value natural products and organic fertilizer (2006-2007) (Coordinator)

“EUREKA” projects

EUREKA 2005. Utilization of perisperm and other parts of the sesame plant for extraction and further isolation of bioactive compounds with high added value. 2006-2008) in collaboration with HAITOGLOU

EUREKA 2005 Exploitation of tomato and fruit industry waste via the recovery of high added value bioactive constituents. (2006-2008) in collaboration with SERKO

EUREKA 2005 Evaluation of the estrogenic activity of natural compounds and derivatives thereof: Development of innovative pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. (2006-2008) in collaboration with LAVIPHARM

EUREKA 2006 SERMs - Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators: Synthesis and evaluation of biological activity. (2007-2009) in collaboration with ELPEN

“PRAXE” projects

PRAXE, ATTIKA REGION 2009 “Pharmagnose”: a new innovative spin-off company operates in the field of natural product chemistry and biology (Coordinator)