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Natural Products & Medicinal Chemistry Research Group



FP7-PEOPLE-IAPP-2008 230763 Marie Curie Actions. Bioactive natural compounds extracted and isolated from olive tree using modern technologies: Probing into their therapeutic potential “Olitec” (2010- 2014) (Coordinator).

FP7-KBBE-2009-3-1-04 Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities. From Biodiversity to Chemodiversity: Novel Plant Produced Compounds with Agrochemical and Cosmetic interest. “AgroCos” (2010-2013) (Coordinator).

FP7-PEOPLE- IRSES-2010 Marie Curie Actions Exploring the Chemical Biodiversity with Innovative Approaches to Fight Chagas Disease and Leishmaniasis “ChemBioFight”. (2011-2014) (Coordinator).

FP7-PEOPLE-IAPP-2010 Marie Curie Actions. Integrated technologies for the discovery and development of cosmeceutical agents from plant biodiversity. “Natprotec” (2011-2015) (Coordinator).

FP7-REGPOT-2011-1, CSA 284460 INtegrating the emerging research Potential of the University of Athens-Cancer Research Group in the European research area. “INsPiRE” (2011-2015).

FP7-PEOPLE- IRSES-2011 Marie Curie Actions. hERG related assessment of botanicals. “hERGscreen” (2012-2015).

FP7-People-IAPP,2013 Marie Curie Actions. Exploitation of microbial biodiversity for the discovery and development of novel cosmeceutical agents. “Microsmetics” (2013-2017)



A novel integrated concept exploiting the biodiversity and chemodiversity factor for the discovery of natural products as potent proteasome inhibitors with anti-cancer activity (2014-2015)(Coordinator)

BILATERAL projects

Greece-China (University of Nanjing) Natural compounds obtained from traditional greek and chinese plants using advanced technologies: Probing their anti-ageing activity for applications to the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry” (Coordinator) (2013-2015)

Greece-China Bee-based natural products as potential cosmeceutical agents with health promoting properties against UVinduced skin photo-ageing (Coordinator) (2013-2015)

THALIS projects

“SERMENCO: Development of novel selective modulators of the estrogen receptor for the treatment of the menopause symptoms” (2012-2015).

“SME” projects

SMEs 2009 Process development for the valorisation of by-products of olive oil industry; production of squalene (2011-2014). AVEA company

SMEs2010 Development of an industrial process for the valorization of the winery waste for the recovery of high added value polyphenols and fertilizer (2012-2015)

SMEs2010 Valorization of table olive by products for the production of high added value extracts and products (2012-2015)