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Natural Products & Medicinal Chemistry Research Group



LIFE ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM LIFE 00 ENV/gr/000671 Process development for an integrated olive oil mill waste management recovering natural antioxidants and producing organic fertilize. “Minos” (2001-2004) (Coordinator).

RTD QUALITY OF LIFE AND MANAGEMENT OF LIVING RESOURCES. Key Action I-Health Food and Environment, Project N0 QLKI-2002-2453 Improving health through dietary phytoestrogens: A PanEuropean network on consumers issues and opportunities for producers. “Phytohealth” (2002-2005).

LIFE ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM LIFE 03 ENV/gr/000223 Development of an economically viable process for the integrated management via utility of winemaking industry wastes: Production of high added value natural products and organic fertilizer. “Dionissos” (2003- 2006).

BILATERAL projects

Greece- France (Institut Curie, Laboratoire de Chimie Organique) Synthesis of novel antitumor anthracyclines with an alkyl substitution in positin 9 (2000-2001)

Greece-France (Station Biologique CNRS Roscoff) Indirubins analogues as CDK inhibitors (2002- 2004) (Coordinator)

Greece-Poland (University of Lublin) 2003 Chemical compounds from Polish and Greek plants as potent immunomodulator agents (Coordinator)

“PAVE” projects

PAVE 2001 Improvement and production of instant foods (soups) with cereals and plants of traditional Greek diet (2001-2002) in collaboration with Giotis

PAVE 2001 Bioactive compounds possessing antimicrobial and healing activities from plants of Greek traditional Medicine (2001-2002) in collaboration with Lavipharm

PAVE 2001 Development of a new per os administrated galenique formulation based on grapefruit extract (2001-2002) in collaboration with Galenika


“PENED” projects

PENED 2002 Bioactive compounds from Greek wines and of Greek varieties of vineyards (Vitis vinifera). (2002-2005)

PENED 2002 Bioactive compounds from sesame: isolation, identification, structural identification and biological evaluation (2002-2005)

PENED 2002 Chemical analyses and bioactivities of Greek varieties of olive trees and Greek virgin oil (2002-2005)

PENED 2003 Design, development and pharmacological evaluation of novel molecules as CDKs inhibitors (2003-2006)

PENED 2003 Investigation of mastic gum phytosterols on atherosclerosis (2004-2007).


“EPET” projects

EPET 2001 Phytochemical studies and bioavailability of compounds from Greek varieties of olive trees, tomatoes and vineyards (2001-2003) in collaboration with LAVIPHARM

EPET 2004 Design and development of new functional foods and food supplements, based on the Mediterranean diet and the biodiversity of the Greek flora (2004-2007) in collaboration with GIOTIS